Troop FL-1613 Uniform Standards

Our troop uses two uniforms:

Troop Uniform (Formal)

This uniform consists of the official Trail Life troop uniform shirt, dark blue jeans, the tri-color hat, and Trailman’s Standard (if Able rank or higher). The shirt should display patrol-level/officer loops on the shoulders and all awards as defined in the Trailman’s Handbook. Depending on the event, the Troopmaster may designate the troop uniform be worn without awards in which case the shoulder loops are still required, but the ranks, patches, and pins are not to be worn on the shirt.

Patrol Uniform (T-Shirt)

This uniform consists of the Trailman’s patrol level t-shirt that they were issued upon joining the troop. Pants and hat are dependent on the event and will be defined if necessary.