Judgement House Prayer Guide

JUDGEMENT HOUSE March 15-17, 2024

First Baptist Church LaBelle

Please pray for each of these items as the Holy Spirit leads: 

Harmony and unity and a spirit of cooperation for all involved and all the 


Pray for only positive words to be spoken to each other. 

Peace for Room Directors and those with speaking parts to remove the 

jitters and for the ability to remember their lines. 

Commitmentfor workers to be able to meet the responsibility of their 

assignments and for those needed to step in when situations occur

Good health for the participants and their families during the 

presentation; for the voices in all speaking parts; and for the physical and 

spiritual energy needed to see the task to the end. 

Publicity for the outlets needed to get the word out to the community. 

Registrationpray for those working registration as they will be the first to 

interact with many of the people as they arrive (especially the walk-ins); for 

the ability to schedule the walk-ins without delay. 

The cast pray for seriousness of the presentation and to be focused for 

God’s glory; for each individual’s prayer before and after tours.