Dining Space

We are trying to create more dining space in our Social Hall. For several years our old library served as a virtual learning classroom, and now that space is available to expand our dining space. We hope this new space will give us 40 to 50 seats for dinner. I’m asking our Building and Maintenance Committee to take the lead on this project.

We are in the process of removing all the old books and shelves. If you would like some of the old books are the shelves, please come by and get them. After we get everything out we will need to clean the walls and repaint them the same color as the social hall. If you would like to paint, please get with Ron Kostoff. The old wooden floors we will keep at this time and if somebody wants to sand them then we will stain them. We are working with our A/C people to bring the cooling to this area.

In the last several events, we have not had enough space for everybody to eat together, so this space will help us to meet this need.