Trail Life USA – FAQ

Many questions about the program and how things work are better answered on the Trail Life USA website, we recommend you start there (click the logo to go there now). They have an extensive FAQ section and explanation of the program. Below are answers to commonly asked questions about our local Troop.

Is there a Uniform?

Yes! Our troop requires that members have the uniform shirt and tri-colored hat along with an official T-shirt for ‘Hit the Trail!’ events. All uniform materials can be purchased at:

How much will this cost?

The annual organization membership fee is currently $29.11. Our local troop also has a troop fee of $25 per half year (January – June & July – December) to help offset the cost of running the program. Families will also need to purchase the necessary uniform materials. The church itself also contributes to the program.

Troop members will also be expected to participate in any fundraising efforts that are planned throughout the year.

I am an adult and I want to help out, what are the requirements?

Trail Life is a proudly, volunteer-driven organization. Adult leaders must be 21 and go through a Criminal History Background Check and Child Safety Youth Protection Training before they can serve in any leadership position or work with the boys. If you are willing to volunteer to help out please fill out this form: Adult Interest Form