Debt Free in 2022

We started the month of April with a balance on our education building debt of $825,937.26. As you know we sold the church parsonage last month and we took the proceeds and put it towards the debt on our education building. Our balance as of 4/8/2022 on the education building is $461,551.34. We have a small vacant lot in Port LaBelle that we had up for sale but found out that we didn’t have a clear title. Now we have been able to clear the title to this vacant lot in Port LaBelle and we will be selling it as well and proceeds will go towards our debt on the education building.

Would you join us in prayer to strive to be debt-free on our education building by the end of 2022? If you would like to make a donation toward the debt, please write the check to First Baptist Church LaBelle and mark it Debt Relief. For the rest of this year, we will be pressing to make max payments so we can be debt-free by end of 2022.