Week of Prayer for International Missions

This week (November 28th – December 5th) is designated as the week of prayer for international missions. Please follow along and be in prayer for our international missionaries this week as we prepare for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. This offering will go, 100%, to support our missionaries with the International Mission Board (imb.org).

Day 1 (November 28th) – https://www.imb.org/pray/week-of-prayer/day-1/

Day 2 (November 29th) – https://www.imb.org/pray/week-of-prayer/day-2/

Day 3 (November 30th) – https://www.imb.org/pray/week-of-prayer/day-3/

Day 4 (December 1st) – https://www.imb.org/pray/week-of-prayer/day-4/

Day 5 (December 2nd) – https://www.imb.org/pray/week-of-prayer/day-5/

Day 6 (December 3rd) – https://www.imb.org/pray/week-of-prayer/day-6/

Day 7 (December 4th) – https://www.imb.org/pray/week-of-prayer/day-7/

Day 8 (December 5th) – https://www.imb.org/pray/week-of-prayer/day-8/