Deacon Nominations

On Sunday, July 5, 2020, members of First Baptist Church LaBelle will be able to Nominate two men to be considered for a 3-year term as Deacon. According to our Constitution and By-Laws here are the Qualifications that should be considered.

Qualifications: The Deacons shall be male members of the church who on account of Godliness and fitness for the office, have been elected and ordained in a Southern Baptist Church. The Deacon is an honored and responsible officer of the church. According to the New Testament he is chosen to this office because of his wisdom, faith, and fullness of the Holy Spirit. His moral qualifications require that he be a man serious in purpose, careful in speech, sound in doctrine, the husband of one wife, and a good steward of time and talent must abstain from the use and sale of intoxicating beverages.

(I Timothy 3:11-13) Deacon’s wives should so conduct themselves as expressed in I Timothy 3:11-12. A new Christian is ineligible for Deaconship for one year. A previously ordained Deacon in good standing must be a member of First Baptist Church of LaBelle for a period of three (3) months before becoming eligible for Deaconship.

Our current Deacons are Roy Herrera, Andy Nelson, Chris Zimmerly, Paul Burchard, Ron Kostoff, Wayne Simmons, Herod Spangler and Ron Zimmerly. Please remember you can’t vote for these men since they are currently serving as Deacons.