Our June Schedule

As we enter the Summer months we are adding back some of our programs within our church.  We are still very concerned about COVID 19 and how to keep each member safe.  One thing everyone can do is to remember if you are sick in any way, please stay home that day.  This simple thing will save many people from getting sick.  We are working very hard to keep each room in our church clean and ready for you to attend.  Each Sunday School class can help in this each Sunday when they meet in their class.  We ask that each person washes or sanitize their hands before they enter their classroom and when they exit.  Please observe social distancing as much as you can.  Please remember there will be other groups using your room later so please clean as much as possible too keep it clean from germs.

Our schedule in June:

  • Wednesday nights – Adult prayer meeting will be on Facebook and YouTube.  Live Stream
  • Sundays –
    • 8:30 am and 11 am Morning Worship will be in the sanctuary and Live Stream (Facebook and YouTube)
    • 11 am Children’s Church in the Social Hall.
    • 9:45 am  Sunday School for all ages in our education building.
    • 5:00 pm Adult Bible Study in Social Hall.
  • The Ladies’ Bible Study lead by Debbie Moretti will be starting back in June.  Please check with Mrs. Debbie Moretti for more information.
  • This is a big step for us so please be willing to help as a volunteer and to keep things clean so everyone can stay healthy.