Online Resources for Social Distancing

Well, if you are following the CDC recommendations by staying home as much as practical and avoiding group settings, then you may be beginning to get a little cabin fever. We are here to help with some online resources that can help with your Bible Study time, and to keep your kids busy:

RightNow Media

If you have been around FBC for any amount of time, you have probably heard Pastor Frank speak about RightNow Media. This service is available to ALL members and friends of First Baptist. RightNow Media is the world’s largest library of Bible study videos—available anytime, anywhere. It can be installed on your phone, smartTV, tablet, or accessed from any web browser. If you use one of the apps you can also download lessons for offline access. If you would like access to this service, please email Pastor Frank ( and he can send you signup information!

RightNow Media KIDS!

This is an extension of RightNow Media. When you login to the system there is a kids section. It has great videos for all ages of kids. My sons like Owlegories, give it a try!

YouVersion Bible App

This is one of the most popular Bible Apps on the internet. It has an app available for phones, tablets, and is accessible at the memorable web address of They have a large selection of translations, have audio scripture readings on some translations, offer bible reading plans, and devotional studies on many, many topics. This app also allows you to share what you are reading throughout your social media and with friends within the app itself.

The Bible App for Kids by YouVersion

This is another FREE app by YouVersion that aims to introduce children to 41 of the “big” Bible stories, the Bible App for Kids helps them understand the overall story that the Bible is telling. Kid-friendly navigation helps them find and select whichever story they want, then reads it aloud to them in a friendly narrative style. Throughout each story, fun, interactive animations keep children engaged, and select stories even include games designed to help them learn, understand, and retain important Bible story concepts.

Dwell Bible App

Dwell is another Bible app that focuses on listening to scripture. They have a small selection of audio for free but for $29.99/year or $149/lifetime you will get access to scripture being read by professional voice actors who are passionate about scripture. This app has many features like a scripture focus for memory, curated playlist, and listening plans. Take a look,they are always adding new functionality.

The World and Everything in It

This is a daily online news-radio program / podcast from a Christian worldview. Inspired by Psalm 89:11: “The heavens are Yours; the earth also is Yours; the world and all that is in it, You have founded them.” It says something about the breadth of news coverage on the program, but also its depth — with biblically objective journalism at its core. Each day’s half hour starts with a fast-paced news summary, followed by longer stories, interviews, and reports from WORLD journalists, as well as thoughtful commentary and original feature journalism reported from the field. Hosted by Mary Reichard and Nick Eicher, The World and Everything in It will enhance your morning commute or any part of your daily routine.

If you have other suggestions please let us know! If we get another good crop of resources we’ll publish an updated list.