Praying for Dr. Warmington and Dr. Stewart

Dr. Warmington and  Dr. Stewart will be flying back to Liberia on Friday.  They have asked if we would pray for them as they travel back to Liberia.  Please pray that all will go well and that they will arrive safely and on-time with all of there luggage intact!
Flight 1:
Depart Friday, Sept 20, 2019,  – leaving Miami at 2.31pm, arriving at JFK at 5.29pm,
Flight 2:
Depart Saturday, Sept 21, 2019,  – leaving JFK at 8.55pm, arriving at Casablanca (Morocco) at 8.45am (on Sunday, Sept 22, 2019),
Flight 3:
Depart Sunday. Sept 22, 2019,  – leaving Casablanca at 11.20pm, arriving at Monrovia (Liberia) at 2.45am (on Monday, Sept 23, 2019).
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