Welcome to the third edition of our Weekly Roundup! We hope you are finding these articles, videos, and audio recordings helpful. It is important to remember that these articles do not necessarily reflect the official stance of our church. However, they were chosen to spark thought. If you find that you agree with the author/speaker, make sure you check their claims and assertions against scripture. If however you disagree, do the same, make sure you have a solid basis for disagreement in scripture. Feel free to discuss below in the comments, on social media, or in person with your friends. As a church, we are meant to learn and grow together and occasionally we will disagree, but if we can learn to reason together, we will grow stronger in Christ.

AUDIO: “God’s Sovereignty, Pastoral Burnout, and Racism” a Crossway interview with John Piper

Pastor John Piper talks about how he still marvels at the mystery of God’s sovereignty and how it interacts with human moral agency. Some excerpts:

“It is not essential, in this life, to know how to explain how God’s sovereignty fit together, other than they do.”

“There is nothing he doesn’t know and nothing he doesn’t control. If you can stop something, and you know it’s coming, then you are planning it.”

“Calling it free-will is no explanation at all, it’s just putting a name on a mystery.”

We Yawn Because We Forget: Uncovering the Wonder of Christ

“He orders each wave in the Pacific Ocean to rise and fall as he pleases. He feeds every blue jay and hummingbird every single meal, and decides the height and hue of each blade of grass in every field on earth. Seven billion people will take their next breath because, and only because, he gives it to them (Acts 17:25).
And yet, we often yawn.”

I’d Probably Still Cancel Your Short-Term Mission Trip (Darren Carlson)

Here’s another situation I’ve often seen. A church struggling to support a skilled and trained long-term missionary for $200 a month won’t question raising $40,000 to send many untrained workers for a week. Churches are less likely to support a long-term missionary than to send a group of teens to paint a house or put on a VBS in a country where they don’t speak the language.

Love is Love, Except When It is Not (Jason Alligood)

Love that is true love is wrapped in objective truth.

Gospel Hospitality (Marvin Olasky and Rosaria Butterfield)

M: Seems to me one is to understand our homes are not our own. God owns them. 

R: “Absolutely. If you’ve made your white carpet an idol, repent of your sin right now. Many Christians experience the twin idols of acquisition and achievement. You need to know what your idols are, and you need to destroy them. “


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