2019-09-09 Weekly Roundup

“Spiritual Growth Takes Work” by Jamie Swalm

The problem was very straightforward. These people had been followers of Jesus for a while now. They should have been spiritually mature enough to be teachers. Instead they still needed someone to teach them the basic truths of God’s word. They needed spiritual milk instead of being able to eat real spiritual food.

“The Curse of a Godly Wife” by Tim Challies

Rejoice in your wife’s godliness, and thank God for such a precious gift. Celebrate it by pursuing godliness of your own.

“The Offensively Ordinary Steps to Godliness” by Scott Hubbard

A single man may dream of sacrificing himself for a wife and children one day, and yet fail to do his chores in the meantime. An aspiring missionary may pray to one day plant a church among the unreached, and yet neglect her present small group. A postgrad may aspire to one day start a nonprofit, and yet cut corners in his job as a cashier. A young Christian may long to remain steadfast under future trials, and yet grumble at her roommate’s dirty dishes. In each case, tomorrow’s obedience has become the enemy of today’s.

A Field Guide from the Abyss: A Training Manual for Demons

The September issue of Tabletalk considers the many ways that Satan attempts to tear down the church, and presents these attempts creatively in the form of a training manual for demons. The Apostle Peter tells us that Satan prowls about like a lion, searching for those whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). Christians need to be aware of his schemes if they are to recognize his work and stand against him. 

“Aspire to Live Quietly” by Davis Wetherell

Sometimes I wonder, “What’s going on God? It feels like you’re making me waste my life. I have no influence. I’ve done nothing great. All this trying—and for what?”

VIDEO: “What is the One Thing the Church Needs to Get Right in the 21st Century?” by H.B. Charles Jr.

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