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“Worship is Not a Reflection of How You Feel” – J.D. Greear

Many of us go to church thinking about how we feel. But worshiping is not a reflection of how we feel; it’s a reflection of what we know to be true and what God has promised in his Word. It’s a declaration of what God is worthy of.

VIDEO: “Why It Seems Like Everyone is Angry” – Barnabas Piper

“Why You Should Read the Bible Over and Over” – Joseph C. Harrod

What surrounds us subtly shapes us in ways we may not always appreciate or detect. Slowly, we drift. Regular Bible reading serves as an anchor to ultimate reality. It also serves as a purgative to a world-saturated mind. Regular Bible readers have continual reminders of God’s meticulous works of providence, Jesus’ present lordship, and the Spirit’s real leadership.

Nothing on Your Phone Can Replace the Local Church – Brett McCracken

Why is the rise in access to theological material coinciding with a decline in Christian church attendance? Could it be that our easy access to theological content is, in a twisted way, making us see church as unnecessary? Listening to a Christian podcast or devotional app, after all, is much easier than getting out of bed on Sunday morning and going to a church building. But is it the same? It is not.

“Three Way the Prosperity Gospel Has Infected Our Churches” – Stephen Kneale

So often, our service ends up being transactional. I will serve here, I will obey rightly as far as I can, and when I’ve done that Jesus will give me whatever I’ve decided I need from him. But that’s not how grace works.

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