The script has been selected for Judgement House – January 18-20, 2019,  “Words”.  Here is a brief overview of the script.

Russ has a terrible life by most standards. His parents are in prison for drug charges, he lives with his grandma in a strange town, and on top of that, he has no friends. The other kids torment him with words and looks, and the sad thing is, these are supposed to be “church kids”. At a church camp, which his grandmother made him attend, the kids torment him with bullying words and actions. The youth pastor tries to reach out to Russ and also scolds those who persecute him. Russ begins to come around, but when he learns that his grandma has passed away unexpectedly, he takes his life into his own hands. After an overdose of pills, he finds himself standing before God’s judgement.

Informational meetings will be held soon.  There will be 7 scenes in this play.  Please be praying about your involvement in Judgement House in 2019.  Begin thinking about friends you want to invite to this Judgement House.