We Need You!

In the life of every church, Volunteers are needed.  First Baptist LaBelle is no exception.  We need volunteers to work in our nursery during our 8:30 am and 11 am service.  We need volunteers to work during Sunday School at 9:45 am each Sunday.  We need volunteers to work in our nursery on Wednesday nights.  We need volunteers to do Children church and all of the teaching materials are provided to you.

We are asking every parent who has a child in these areas, that they would volunteer to serve.  The more people we have to volunteer in these areas, individuals would serve once a quarter.  Right now because the shortest of volunteers people are working every month.  We don’t want it to be like this and we need members of our church to take a turns and volunteer in our nurseries and Children Church.  If you are interested in serving in any of our Nurseries, please contact Donna Hull.  If you would like to work in Children Church, please contact Lucy Welch.