Annie Armstrong Week of Prayer – Day 4

Speaking Out

Travis gave his life to Christ at an early age. After college, he struck out on his own as a Christian musician letting the lyrics testify to his faith—until God called him to do more. “I never wanted to plant churches,” he says. “Because of my stuttering problem, I wanted to sing for
Jesus, not teach. But I heard the call of God challenge me to lead in a new way.”

10.4% of Detroit’s population is evangelical.

Travis and his wife, Jennifer, planted Mile City Church in 2015. They reach out to people who have given up on church or who never had that relationship, and lives are being transformed by the gospel.

Mile City’s name is a nod to Detroit’s mile-focused grid system. At the end of every service, the pastor who never wanted to speak publicly challenges the congregation to pray for the city every time they see a mile marker.



Mile City Church would have resources and wisdom to be effective in its witness and to help other church planters as well.

God would provide an opportunity to connect you with someone in need. (LUKE 19:10)