Future is Now Campaign

God has truly been blessing us in this campaign to raise awareness of the financial needs of our education building.  In 2008 we took a step of faith in building an 8810 square feet of education space.  Before we were done God brought us a Daycare -Preschool which today we have around 68 students.  St. Matthew’s used the other end of our education space  4days a week for class time for their students.  This year we have 180 students in VBS and it was a blessing to have them in our 8810 square feet of education space.

Our monthly payments are $13,000 a month or $156,000 a year.  We have asked the members and friends of our church to make pledges for this year to make those payments.  At this time we have collected 26 pledges which total $91,000 for one year.  We are very thankful for these pledges and if you haven’t had time to turn your in, please do so as soon as possible.  On Sunday, February 11th on our church 106 anniversary we will announce how many pledges we have received and how much has been pledged.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  Our bond term is 25 years and have paid  9 years and 3 years of late-term bonds.  this leaves us 13 years left on paying the debt on our education building which God is using in great ways.

Thank You for your support!