Need your help!

Each month our church has paid the debt payment on the education building of $13,000.00.  Up to this point we have been able to pay this payment each month since 2008.  We have either collected enough money each month or had enough money in our reserve fund to make our payments.  At the present time our reserve fund for the Education Building Debt is at zero.  This month we have only collected $8,500.00 for our Debt Payment and our November bill is due in the first week of the month.  We are asking each member to consider giving an extra gift to our Debt Retirement for Education Building before our November payment is due.

We also need members to consider giving to the Debt Retirement Fund each month above and beyond their tithe so we will have enough money to pay our debt each month on the Education Building.  Our Education Building is used 6 days a week and this building has been a very important part of the ministry of our church.  We need to renew our efforts to pay our monthly note and try to pay this debt off as soon as possible.  If you could help us it would be greatly appreciated.  Please mark your check “Debt Retirement” and send to First Baptist Church LaBelle at PO Box 369, LaBelle, FL. 33975.


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